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Reflective Journal

Personally I am grateful to have two older siblings who really kept me in line and helped guide me from the moral foundations my parents provided to me.

When you request help from our service you will be working with a writer that is: It is true that up tohospital admissions within the UK are linked to the use of illicit drugs BBC I also hoped this would allow him to bring up his drug addiction as opposed to me having to Reflective journal on diversity.

His non-verbal communication showed me that he probably had lack of trust for me. Having avoided the subject of drugs initially, I felt it was appropriate in relation to activities of living, therefore I approached the issue by asking "I believe you use heroin" on replying "correct", I further went on to ask how often he injected and if it affected his life".

Heron describes how non-verbal behaviour is critical in determining how verbal communication comes across to the client.

Examples of Reflective Writing

On the other hand, there are also areas of such interaction that I am proud of, specifically when I used my initiative to provide information for the benefit of my client. My findings from case notes indicated that John was an intravenous drug abuser, who used heroin on a daily basis.

Initially, I carried out some admission forms, which involved gathering information from the client and other relevant sources such as his case notes. I was part of a group of 10 people whose task it was to promote a governmental campaign aimed at publicising the Allied Health Professions.

We also made use of this final discussion session to voice whether we agreed or disagreed with several assertions that had been raised through working on the campaign.

Although the students were all from such allied health professional groups, there was a mixture of postgraduates and undergraduates, and the vast majority of the students had not met each other before.

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Managing conflict in organizations. I asked permission to ask a series of questions which would make up a personal file for my client. At this point John informed me that his family were unaware of his addiction and health state and he did not want them to find out. Communication is defined by Dunne as the process where information, meanings and feelings are shared by people by exchanging verbal and non-verbal messages.

Firstly, I ensured to present a close open posture, maintain good eye contact and use open ended questions in an attempt for John to use some description in his answers, thus allowing me to retrieve as much information possible.

A Creative Practical guide. In order to tackle the task, we decided to separate it into smaller tasks according to the three target audiences involved, dividing ourselves into three smaller groups and working on one target audience per sub-group.

With firm morals and an ability to adapt, I believe further cooperation and understanding can be achieved amongst many different peoples and cultures. Use of reflection allowed me to realise how I underestimated both John and myself by being afraid he might be dishonest with me.

According to Herons six category analysis, I was prescriptive as I had passed on advice that I had initially gained from senior staff, and directed John in gaining confidential help. I felt that my initial attitude toward John reflected the way in which I approached the issue of drugs.

This guide may be distributed or adapted for educational purposes. However, I had begun to empathise with John and wanted to provide holistic care, especially as drugs had a negative effect on his health and a significant factor in the reason for his admission.

Reflection on an experience has been developed as a learning tool in professional education in order to help promote the integration of theory into practice Schon Macmillan Press Ltd Johns, C Advanced Health and Social Care.

You need someone with good communication skills as well as an understanding of your course and how to write this form of journal. On the whole, this experience proved useful for my learning and therefore my future as a healthcare provider. The scenario will allow me to examine the need to value diversity and the effect of anti discriminative practice in relation to my client and the provision of care, whilst paying attention to drug misuse and how communication can affect certain situations.

In this way I feel that most people who have their parents around throughout childhood will behave similarly when confronted with ethical issues. I felt it was appropriate to inform her of the reason that he terminated the programme and stressed that he had lost his faith in gaining confidential help.

At this point, I was part of the group of four people who were responsible for considering the campaign to target graduates not taking healthcare courses.

Drug misuse or abuse, are the terms used to describe the use of illegal, prescription-only or over-the-counter drugs, for purposes other than intended by the manufacturer or doctor NHS. Diversity.

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Reflection Journal. Before reading the chapter, think about each question and reflect on your experiences. Respond to the questions based on knowledge, feelings, and experiences you’ve had. Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity are dealt with over the next few pages.

These form an intergral part of your teaching practice and are required elements making up. Oct 10,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Reflective Journal On Equality And Diversity to help you write your own Essay.

A reflective account of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice which relates to a client from clinical placement This is a reflective essay which will give an account of the concept of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice.

A reflective journal is a personal account of an educational experience that offers a variety of benefits, from enhancing your writing skills and helping you retain information to allowing you to express your thoughts on new ideas and theories.

A reflective account of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice which relates to a client from clinical placement This is a reflective essay which will give an account of the concept of valuing diversity and one aspect of .

Reflective journal on diversity
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