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Contributions related to case studies allow learning from past failures, to avoid repeating similar mistakes, while attempting to prevent emerging threats to environmental and ecological systems. Reducing post-harvest losses in grain supply chains in Africa: The melting of the polar ice cap in the Arctic, plus the frequency and intensity of weather events in this hemisphere—with the corresponding need for military humanitarian assistance missions—calls for a greater attention to the security implications of climate change.

Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

Better food system management to reduce food loss and waste is needed in the developing world by focusing on technical and logistical strategies to reduce post-harvest losses, and in affluent countries to work with retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers to reduce food waste and to turn what is wasted into a resource.

Resilience and recovery of overexploited marine populations. As mentioned above, population is the main supplier of resources to the stock market. World agriculture has come to rely on synthetic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers Table 1enabling dramatic increases in food production but also increasing nutrient leakage into the environment, at a cost to farmers and society Journal of security and sustainability issues.

Sustainable and secure development: Environmental issues were also to be considered in regional diplomacy. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs for a safe and secure development of nuclear energy.

Ecology and Society, 15 4: The cold chain—continuous storage of perishable foods at controlled temperatures from farm-gate to consumer—is well established in many parts of the world and is increasingly prevalent in developing countries. An international comparison of public perceptions.

Looking Back - Looking Forward - Vol. The quiet revolution in staple food value chains: While constructive engagement with industry and individuals is crucial, change is essentially being left up to voluntary actions.

Other federal agencies also developed initiatives addressing environmental issues. For example, climate change will likely disrupt food transport e. S dollar could be real and non-harming. This fact also applies to such a stable regional commu- nity as the European Union EU.

In the mids, as part of its preventive defense strategy, the U. Historically, commodity markets have used U. Not only the oil countries possess the national welfare funds, there are metal funds, copper funds, there are funds completely unrelated to raw materials, as in China and Singapore.

Nature The Journal provides a platform for researchers and professionals involved in Environmental Impact to exchange knowledge and gain an insight into the state of the art in the current technologies, methodologies and solutions in environmental impact management as they are being developed and applied in different regions around the world.

Aims and Objectives The Journal provides an international forum to discuss the numerous environmental problems present in modern society and their impacts, taking into account scientific, economic and social issues.

Environment & Sustainability

It is difficult to overestimate the role of oil in the economy of Azerbaijan. Global Environmental Change 22 All these features illustrate the relevance of these resources for security, and call for systemic and future-orientated thinking as well as understanding of the complexities included in such connections.

Analysis of the de-dollarization problem in developing countries on the example of Azerbaijan in the conditions of geopolitical asymmetry. Uncertainty prevails as health system dynamics unfolds. The Journal encourages interdisciplinary communication on all issues related to environmental impacts.

Resilience has typically focused on the capacity of socio-ecological systems to withstand and respond to changes—whether environmental, economic, social or political e. How to solve the resource damnation problem.

Themes intended to be covered:. methods of adaptation of health care under uncertainty, and developing a framework for sustainable health care delivery. Methods: Databases were searched for relevant literatures using the following keywords: environmental and health uncertainty, Nigerian health care system, Nigerian primary health care, health care financing and sustainability.

Sustainability, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. Dear Colleagues, This Special Issue calls for multi- inter- and transdisciplinary research articles that study the connections between security, sustainability and resilience, as well as their practical applications at different scales.

Sustainability, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. Add your e-mail address to receive forthcoming issues of this journal: Journal Browser Special Issue "Enhancing Security, Sustainability and Resilience. Each issue of Trade Security Journal focuses on key issues in: Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics: child labour, prison labour, modern slavery, conflict minerals, ethical sourcing, sustainability, whistleblowing.

Environmental security has taken on new meaning in the twenty-first century as sustainability and natural resource protection have become essential elements of national security and foreign policy.

In the early post–Cold War era, the national security community viewed environmental security as related to contamination caused by. Jan 01,  · The SDGs declared by the United Nations has emphasized on 17 goals with several variables, the important among them are poverty and inequality, morbidity and mortality, literacy and education, women empowerment, renewable energy, inclusive development, safe drinking water and sanitation, sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem and climate change.

Journal of security and sustainability issues
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